We’re kind of obsessed with each other.

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Holley Simmons,

Founder & Owner

Holley Simmons had a falling out with Arizona. After moving to Phoenix in 2010, she couldn’t stand the desert but loved saguaro cacti. One day she placed a succulent inside of a glass bowl and watched as it succumbed to environmental pressures and miraculously adapted. And so, she followed suit. 

She skipped town and traversed west to east, south to north. Along the way, she marveled at the unique flora she encountered and was struck by how well certain flowers thrived in their native habitat.

Holley attests that she feels like a succulent in the sun in Washington, D.C., where she chose to plant She Loves Me. Prior to opening the flower shop, Holley served as a food journalist for The Washington Post and currently co-owns The Lemon Collective.


Megan Adams,

Lead Floral Designer

Megan Adams is a bright-eyed floral artist who hails from Portland, Oregon. Megan's never-ending search for a higher purpose led her to a passion for flowers. She found something incredibly magical about using pieces of her natural surroundings, which are perfectly imperfect and beautiful all on their own. One that is ever changing and fluid as each individual branch, leaf, and bloom finds its place in the composition. As a perfectionist and lover of meticulous whimsy, finding a medium that has such a brief yet impactful lifespan was a life changing experience for her.

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Nicole Capó,

Retail Manager

Nicole is a Boricua storyteller, artist, and self-published author currently residing in the District, where she's lived for a decade in a hundred different lives. Since leaving the world of corporate television production, she's worked closely alongside DC artists and makers as an administrative + web + emotional support guru. These days, she's managing the retail portion of She Loves Me and occasionally moonlights as a freelance writer. She founded Curandera Club in 2017 as a way to reconnect with her roots and form new connections with the amazing women who surround her.