Education is a vital component of She Loves Me. We lead a variety of plant and flower based workshops for small groups at The Lemon Collective, a shared maker’s studio located next door at 810 Upshur Street NW. To see a full list of classes visit The Lemon Collective calendar.

We are also available to teach on-site for corporate classes, one-on-one workshops, and private groups. Please contact us to arrange a special session.


Flower Arranging

Available in all levels, including basic, intermediate and advanced. During class, guests learn:

- Where to source flowers, including nearby farms
- How to build a visually appealing arrangement
- How to extend the life of your bouquet
- What textures and shapes work best together

Flower Crowns

During class, guests will learn:

- How to use floral wire and floral tape to manipulate flowers and greenery into a crown
- The best flowers to use to create a crown
- How to keep your crown alive for as long as possible
- What to do with your crown once the flowers dry out




During class guests will learn:

- The history of terrariums
- What purpose each layer serves
- Where to find materials locally
- How to care for your terrarium

Plant Parenthood

During class guests will learn:

- The benefits of keeping houseplants (so many!)
- The best plants for each window in your house
- Signs to look for when your plant is failing, and how to turn them around
- What plants to avoid